Protection means the world to us

So we’re helping the world to become more secure

About the service

Would you drive your car without the seatbelt fastened? Or would you drive it if it had no brakes? It is 2019. Your toaster is online. And so is your mom. They both value their privacy. And so do you, if you want to build services for future generations.

Protect-ID is a tool. A tool that helps everyone build better websites, e-commerce solutions and apps.

We, a bunch of hackers and web developers, built this tool for ourselves. It lets us check, whether the work we are doing meets modern cybersecurity standards. Sometimes the results are disapointing. But this is real life and you should take security, privacy and identity theft seriously. We don't want to be a global e-police service, but we want you to avoid getting scammed.

So check your tires and headlights, wear a rubber and build digital solutions that are safe for everyone.

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