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Make the most out of your eCommerce using our recommended plan

  • Account management
  • Daily automatic integrity check
  • Protect-ID site Seal of Trust
  • Detailed reports
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VAT included in all prices

Protect your clients and your store with our entry level plan

  • Account management
  • Protect-ID site Seal of Trust
  • Detailed reports


VAT included in all prices

Make the most out of your store using our recommended plan

  • Account management
  • Daily automatic integrity check
  • Protect-ID site Seal of Trust
  • Detailed reports


VAT included in all prices

Take your online merchandise to the next level with our plan designed for professionals

  • Personal hotline for tech support
  • Dedicated account
  • Hourly automatic integrity checks
  • Protect-ID site Seal of Trust
  • Protect-ID ambassador site

Questions you may have

We’ve got answers. Browse our FAQs and contact us if you still have questions

Does adding Protect-ID trustmark really improve our conversions?

Trust seals and badges more relevant than ever. Baymard Institute determined that 1/5 of web store visitors who did not buy did it because they didn't trust the site with their credit card information. This means that creating trust in visitors instantly means increased sales.

How does the Money-Back Guarantee work?

Sometimes, people are not satisfited. We find resolutions to your issues with your customers on a case by case basis and, where neccessary, refund your clients' purchases.

Who can apply for this service?

Our service is intended for small and medium sized online stores whose goal is total customer satisfaction.

What makes us different?

Protect-ID is the first security trust seal with transparent development approach. Our features are added and improved using our customers feedback and agile development. Unlike big performers in this market with waterfall or no significant development at all. You will actually see what you get for your money.

But our store is already safe and up-to-date!

We are from Estonia - the country who made first working Electronic-ID, Mobile-ID and Smart-ID. We have first hand experience that security is difficult and almost impossible if you try to manage it by yourself. Because of this we want to create first Web ID that will handle it for you and increase your sales. We are experienced with enterprise Java portals, web store security, Django and of course also with PHP based web stores.

Can Protect-ID help us improve our eCommerce even more?

We constantly analyse sites in our network and also give you feedback on conversion rate improvements. This means that we invest in A/B testing and UX for you so you don't have to.

What scans does Protect-ID perform on our online store?

We run over 30 different security scans (Xss, framework vulnerabilities, Javascript injections, secure cookies, etc), payment page checks (clickjacking), visitor analytics reports, searches for dark patterns.

Do you physically order from our store?

Protect-ID™ verifies the clients checkout process and customer service annually. This means we do order from your store.

What services can I use to pay for the Protect-ID service?

Protect-ID™ currently accepts PayPal payments.